Monday, November 24, 2008


Your best friend. The Little Black Dress, otherwise known as LBD, can never do you wrong. Whenever your having a wardrobe crisis, you can always turn to your LBD for a sense of relief. Many times you have that LBD you never want to let go. don't have to! It's something you can wear over and over without anybody noticing you have "repeated" an outfit. We suggest to visit your local thrift or vintage shop to find items that will change the look and accessorize your LBD. You'll be surprised to see how many things will work with your little black dress. So remember... keep your friends close, but your LBD closer.

(Click to Enlarge)

Dress: 15.00 (Reference)
Belt: 0.45 (Vintage)
Gloves. 5.00 (H&M)
Heels: 13.00 (Ross)
Hat: 2.00 (Vintage)


Kevin Lee said...

haha LBD + skate park?
so random

Rita said...

Wow, this time you've inspired me more as a photographer than anything else. I love the third picture! Where was this taken? It kind of reminds me of Regional Park, but I'm not sure. I must take some shots here!

elle.robinson said...

wow i am really impressed by all your entries!! All the outfits and commentary on them are fabulous! Who is taking all the photos? They are all really good! Can't wait till you post some more shit!!!
love you ladies, cant wait to see you kathy v!!!!!!!! =)

Recycled Runway said...

kevin - that's the whole point!!! she's actually a skater, we just dressed her up in other we brought her to her own kick it spot. and rita - it was at the bellflower skate park at bellflower park :) u should check it out its a beautiful park!!and lindsey - im so happy you like it!! and I can't wait to see you too :)


Bon said...

Thanks guys for all the compliments!
I take all the photos! I try my best :)
But thanks to my lovely ladies because they help me out a lot!

Rosanna said...

love love your blog!!!

InstantVintage said...

I am really loving this blog. Excellent concept and photos. =D

cille/gabs said...

sweet blog!!!
check out mine