Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ice Princess

We all know in California it doesn't get that cold. But isn't it just so much fun to pretend? We dressed April in a vintage dress with mittens and hat to give it a bit of winter-y freshness. Sometimes the pea coat and rain boot hooplah isn't necessary for a west-coast night out on the town on a winter evening. An everything-but-simple (and warm) hat along with knitted mittens might do just the trick :) So bust out those barets, beanies, and ushankas, and give your look that extra umph this not-so-chilly winter.

(Click to Enlarge)

Dress: $15.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Sheepskin Hat: $7.99 (Vintage)
Mittens: $5.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Shoes: $10.00 (Forever 21)


Kevin Lee said...

I'm waiting to see stuff for the dudes.
i wanna see jonny in a red thong lol
not really, maybe... nah... well....

Sheena said...

I have and it isn't pleasant!