Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Recycled Runway? What the heck is that?" is probably what you're thinking. We're two unemployed girls - Yvonne (Bon) and Katalina (Kat-v) - letting you know that there is hope for us! Because we, like other fashionistas, love designer clothes but are hindered by one obscure, minimal, tiny, little obstacle - DINERO. However, that doesn't mean our style has to look like it. Recycled Runway is about being able to make something out of nothing.  Making it work with the most limited of resources. With a little bit of perseverance (because trust us, good things are hard to find) and luck, the best of fashion is in your own backyard.  From celebrity to street inspiration, fashion is everywhere. So with Recycled Runway expect so see universal inspiration, thrifty treasures, fashion do's and DON'Ts, some mixing and matching, designer with vintage ensembles, and anything else we pick up on along the way. Expect the unexpected. On that note we leave you without an excuse not to look fabulous

bon & kat