Sunday, June 7, 2009

The IT Factor

All Photos Courtesy of Daniel Yoon Photography

"I believe no one can truly be original in their fashion sense, but I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me."

Monday, June 1, 2009

It Girl: Ashley Chang

All Photos Courtesy of Daniel Yoon Photography

Ashley Chang
Age: 16
Fashion Motto: "Be your own muse."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Florence & the Machine, The Sequin Queen

Besides artists using their musical talents to fork their independence in the industry, their sense of style not only reflects their genre of music but also sets them apart from other artists. Florence and the Machine is one of those artists that uses her flashy vibrant style and soulful vocals to attract the audience. She definitely caught our eyes, with her signature sequin attire. Not only does she look posh in her shimmery sequin, but also it accentuates her stage presence by glistening an array of colors with every swing of the hips. As you can tell by past posts we are sequin fiends, because it has the ability to make a simple outfit elaborate without the need to overly accessorize. Florence and The Machine is the queen of looking glamorous in her sequin getups yet balances her look with less accessories to achieve that melodramatic demeanor.

If you are a Kate Nash or Feist fan, her grindcore inspired sound is right in your element. She released a few EPs such as ‘Kiss With a Fist’, ‘Dog Days are Over’, and ‘Girl With One Eye’ which are all undeniable sweet. She has spunk and sass that isn't overbearing, which is why Florence and The Machine is our style icon and Sequin Queen!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ca$hin' the Catwalk

As some of you may know, Recycled Runway is styling and directing a fashion show this Saturday, April 11th for "Red Tie Events". In order to afford all of our thrift store goodies for our models and other essentials for networking, we decided throw a fundraiser extravaganza last weekend suitably named, "Cashin' the Catwalk". Thanks for all the support from everyone: DJNA who rocked the house, DanielYoon Photography for a photobooth and roaming photos, ShawnySlick for helping decorate and design our crib, and all of you who attended and helped support! We had loads of fun and met our financial goal (and more) for our runway! Thanks everyone!!!!!

All Photos Courtesy of Daniel Yoon Photography

Can't find yours?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Edition

Please welcome the newest member of our Recycled Runway family...........
She's a sassy one, with spunky attitude, and sweet intentions. And besides... ain't she cute?!

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All Photos Courtesy of Daniel Yoon Photography

Lace Dress: 13.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Red Gloves: 1.95
Heels: 5.99 
Neck Draped in Vintage Pearls: Simply Classic

Monday, March 30, 2009

Game Point

The game is on, and there is no sitting on the sidelines in this match. The inner prep in us is longing for a place-up. So we're letting it out with some fun vintage love and bright colored backhands. We came to serve up some spirit for your game ;)

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Striped Blouse: 7.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Knitted Vest: 2.99 (Savers Thrift)
Knee-Highs - 8.50 Buffalo Exchange
Pearls: 7.50 (F21/Love)
Shorts: 12.99 (Asian Boutique)
Shoes: 20.00 (F21)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cherry on Top

Most of the time the key to thrifting or vintage shopping is accessorizing. You won't always find that rare, elaborate piece that you're looking for, in which case you must liven it up with other elements to fully grasp the extravagance of your look. Whether it be belts, jewelry, tutus, or even other articles of clothing, sometimes an outfit is just not complete without that little extra ummph. It's the cherry on top of your fashion sundae. And if you're pinching pennies like us, your local thrift is the best place to look to stock up on these goodies. ;)

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All Photos Courtesy of Ron Alan Photography

Dress: 5.99 (Savers Thrift)
Suede Thigh-High Boots: 20.00 (Russian Boutique - Downtown LA)
Belt: 1.99 (Savers Thrift)
Faux Fur Collar: Taken from a Coat
Tutu (under dress): Taken from a Costume