Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just One of the Boys

Tomboy at heart. It's not always necessary to be completely girly to have style. You don't have to trade your boots for heels to prove your femininity. Although we gave her a girly base with the skirt and suit; the striped gloves and fur gave the outfit a rugged touch, while still complimenting the look as a whole. Just because you hang with the guys, doesn't mean you have to look like one! 

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Hat: 8.50 (Forever 21)
Gloves: 7.00 (Target)
Bathing Suit: .95 (Vintage)
Skirt: 1.91 (Vintage)
Knee-Highs: .50
Boots: 3.99 (Vintage)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Your best friend. The Little Black Dress, otherwise known as LBD, can never do you wrong. Whenever your having a wardrobe crisis, you can always turn to your LBD for a sense of relief. Many times you have that LBD you never want to let go. don't have to! It's something you can wear over and over without anybody noticing you have "repeated" an outfit. We suggest to visit your local thrift or vintage shop to find items that will change the look and accessorize your LBD. You'll be surprised to see how many things will work with your little black dress. So remember... keep your friends close, but your LBD closer.

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Dress: 15.00 (Reference)
Belt: 0.45 (Vintage)
Gloves. 5.00 (H&M)
Heels: 13.00 (Ross)
Hat: 2.00 (Vintage)

Ahh-Dee in Autumn

Cocktail to Cas. This dress we found at Buffalo Exchange was turned into a simple fall outfit by adding some extra accessories. The dress can be worn on any occasion, during any season. And the white button down blouse solves the chills during this winter. In addition, the ushanka hat gave it a unique, foreign look and the leather jacket and boots gave it a kick of bad ass. With an outfit like this, any guy would be crazy to let this girl go ;)

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Dress: 10.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Shirt: 3.99 (Savers Thrift)
Boots: 3.99 (Vintage)
Purse: 3.99 (Savers Thrift)
Ushanka Hat: 12.00 (Military Store - Boston)
Jacket: 3.50 (Savers Thrift)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie Inspiration: Penelope

Penelope, a romantic fairy tale, not only motivated us through its story... but it inspired our wardrobe as well! The moral of the story is about being comfortable in your own skin, despite what other people think or say. We correlated this to our style. Penelope (Christina Ricci), had a quirky mismatched style which included an array of patterns and colors, and of course, her signature purple scarf. Just because your style isn't like everyone else's, doesn't mean you don't have style. Because what makes us different, makes us beautiful.

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Bon (in Black)
Leather Jacket: 28.90 (Forever 21)
Snakeskin Pants: 1.91 (Miss Sixty - Vintage)
Glasses: 4.80 (Forever 21)
Heels: 19.00 (Ross)

Pink Leotard: 2.99 (Savers Thrift)
Skirt: 4.99 (Savers Thrift)
Belt: 0.95 (Vintage)
Scarf: 3.95 (Swapmeet)
Socks: 1.00 (Walmart)
Mary Janes: 18.00 (Buffalo Exchange)

Blazer: 12.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Dress: 13.00 (H&M - Buffalo Exchange)
Hat: 1.91 (Nine West - Vintage)
Scarf: 5.80 (Forever 21)
Shoes: 19.00 (Forever 21)
Leggings: 5.80 (Forever 21)

Fast Times

Take a ride in the fast lane and do it in style. We all know jumpsuits are the thing of the past but sometimes it's groovy to embrace the Farrah in us all. We always suggest to mix items from different time eras to create a new look. Something from the 70's can look just as bitchin now as it did 30 years ago. The jumpsuit is so far out that all it needed was red hot pumps to strut.

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Jumpsuit: 6.99 (Savers Thrift)
Pumps: 15.00 (Ross)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look for Less: Kate Moss Topshop

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Our latest inspiration was from the most talked about Christmas collection, Kate Moss for Topshop. The collection was so hot that most of the items sold out in 15 minutes at the store and 2 hours online! Two of our favorite items include these everyday-wear sweater dresses. We loved the concept of a cute sweater that could be worn as a dress or even as a top with jeans. Little did we know, that we had to look no further than our own closet! This piece found at a local thrift for only $1.91, can pull off the same look as Top Shop's dress which is sold for 100 Euro's.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fleur Rouge

Simplicity at its best. Wearing all black may sometimes seem repetitive, even monotonous, but with a hint of color you can transform an entire look. This basic black dress may have been a safe bet, but sometimes looking natural has the same effect as going all out. 
...And the flower, well, it speaks for itself. :)
 This can be the perfect outfit for the perfect date. 

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Dress: $12.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Flower: Taken off of a shirt
Wedges: $17.00 (Jennifer Lopez - Buffalo Exchange)

Ice Princess

We all know in California it doesn't get that cold. But isn't it just so much fun to pretend? We dressed April in a vintage dress with mittens and hat to give it a bit of winter-y freshness. Sometimes the pea coat and rain boot hooplah isn't necessary for a west-coast night out on the town on a winter evening. An everything-but-simple (and warm) hat along with knitted mittens might do just the trick :) So bust out those barets, beanies, and ushankas, and give your look that extra umph this not-so-chilly winter.

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Dress: $15.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Sheepskin Hat: $7.99 (Vintage)
Mittens: $5.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Shoes: $10.00 (Forever 21)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Class Act

Back-to-School never felt so good! This winter, after those tedious finals are over, celebrate by taking a trip to your local thrift and finding some comfortable, cheap clothes for your stylish return to class. The majority of these pieces were found in second-hand stores and are perfect
for a post-lecture, after school snack as well. :)

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From Left:
Blazer: 12.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Ruffle Blouse: 9.00 (Nordstrom's Rack)
Skirt: 1.95 (Vintage)
Shoes: 15.00 (Reflection)
Ring: 4.90 (Forever 21)
Hat: 11.00 (Buffalo Exchange)

Striped V-Neck: 7.00 (Vintage)
Pearl Necklace: 5.90 (Forever 21)
Belt: 0.65 (Vintage)
Skirt: 10.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Knitted Beanie: 0.95 (Vintage)
Mary Janes: Steve Madden 30.00

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Into Fashion

Goal: staying cute and warm on a budget. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and add some accessories for that extra pizzaz. Sometimes not matching makes the outfit even more unique. With a base of black, white and red colors, the gold jewelry contributed to a collaborative classy look.  This fall/winter don't hesitate to layer your jewelry as much as you layer your clothes! We hope to inspire you to have fun with your pattern and color choices to create a bold statement this fall! 

From Left:
Dress: $7.99 ($3.00 extra for tayloring; Ross)
Shoes: $22.00 (Steve Madden - Buffalo Exchange)
Belt: $0.65 (Vintage)
Multi-Layer Charm Necklace: $8.90 (Forever21)
Thin Mult-Layer Chain: $6.00 (Forever 21)
Thick Chain: $5.00 (Forever 21)
Coat: $49.50 (Forever 21)
Ring: $3.80 (Forever 21)

Dress:  1.00/yd (Homemade - Grandma Mercy)
Gloves: $1.50 (Savers Thrift)
Ring: $1.00 (Vintage - Swapmeet)
Shoes: $16.00 (Ross)
Faux Fur Collar: Taken off from Forever 21 Coat
Belt: $0.45 (Vintage) 

Look for Less: Gossip Girl

After choosing Leighton Meester as our best dressed celeb for this month, we drew inspiration from her personal style and her character as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. One outfit in particular caught our attention. Not only is it a fun, summer dress, but we found a similar piece at our local thrift!
Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Dress: $3.99 (Vintage - Savers Thrift)
Ring: $4.38 (Forever 21)
Belt: $0.75 (Vintage)
Shoes: $16.00 (Buffalo Exchange)

Who knew you could look like a Gossip Girl for under 25 bucks!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Dressed.

Pondering over which celebs win the noble title of "Best Dressed" in our books, we looked over many. One in particular in high Miss Leighton Meester. Not only is she physically gorgeous but she has the wardrobe to match.  She pulls off the "trendy, upper-east-side-Manhattan, Ivy-League-Brat" look better than anyone we know.

Looks like these inspire us, because we know that various pieces in these sort of get-ups are not hard to find in vintage shops or thrifts. Like we've said, you don't need the dough to look like you have it. :)



The hand-me-down from heaven. These boot cuffs, found in a thrift store for not more than a dollar, are anything but ordinary. Versatile and trendy; we used these cuffs for many different looks. They can be used with your basic going-to-school ensemble, or even a classy cocktail party. With options like these, how can a girl go wrong?


Look of the Night.

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Last Friday we attended a USC frat party and this was our favorite look of the night. She wore a sequined headband, simple flannel, leather leggings, and fringe studded boots and a bright handbag.  We loved the way she managed to put together the falls hottest trends without looking too over the top.  She immediately caught our eyes with her successful attempt to look simple and chic.   
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These babies by far was the cherry on top of our sundae.  
These boots by Jeffrey Campbell added a special something to this ensemble.  They were even more gorgeous in person.  
Unfortunately they are also $160, so no campbell love for us. 
But as true bargain girls, we will find a replacement that will give us our fringe boot fix!  Just the thought of our thrifty hunt for a comparable yet affordable pair of boots is exciting.
The search begins :)
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