Sunday, November 16, 2008

Class Act

Back-to-School never felt so good! This winter, after those tedious finals are over, celebrate by taking a trip to your local thrift and finding some comfortable, cheap clothes for your stylish return to class. The majority of these pieces were found in second-hand stores and are perfect
for a post-lecture, after school snack as well. :)

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From Left:
Blazer: 12.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Ruffle Blouse: 9.00 (Nordstrom's Rack)
Skirt: 1.95 (Vintage)
Shoes: 15.00 (Reflection)
Ring: 4.90 (Forever 21)
Hat: 11.00 (Buffalo Exchange)

Striped V-Neck: 7.00 (Vintage)
Pearl Necklace: 5.90 (Forever 21)
Belt: 0.65 (Vintage)
Skirt: 10.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Knitted Beanie: 0.95 (Vintage)
Mary Janes: Steve Madden 30.00

1 comment:

Rita said...

Ooh, I'm loving these two outfits. I can't believe you found that blazer for $12... and the v-neck for $7!!! I'm definitely hitting the Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn this week :D