Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recycled Runway Formally Introduces...

Bon & Kat here:
You've seen them in our photos, and now they're back as contributors. This time around we have plenty of new elements in store for our readers. Let them tell you exactly what sorts of fun they'll bring...

Let me do what I do best and take you up close and personal with a backstage pass to the best runway show in town. I can take the images and bring it to life with my exclusive footage. In addition, I'll be delivering interviews for a more in-depth look at the girls in front of the camera. And that's a wrap!

You just can't look fabulous without feeling fabulous. When your feeling at your best, you have a certain glow that radiates from your inner core. So I am comin at you with a weekly advice column. I will share with you tips and even my own personal stories on relationships, self-esteem, and much more so you can feel and look like a million bucks and continue doing what you do best, shine.

Who am I to define beauty? I can help you to be the best version of yourself with my tricks and tips that would be able to help any damsel in distress.
"Live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick."


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