Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bargain Fiend, Prom Queen

Pinching pennies for Prom? Take a guilt-free shopping spree through the clearance racks for the perfect dress. And throw in some fun heels while you're at it ;)
Trust us, there are ways to go to prom without the price bomb.

Photos Courtesy of ROCR Photography

(In Blue)
Dress: 15.00 (Pasadena Boutique - Clearance)
J. Simpson Heels: 17.00 (Henry's)

(In Red)
Dress: 11.80 (F21 - Clearance)
Earrings: 1.00 (Santee/Los Angeles)
Heels: 10.00 (Buffalo Exchange Long Beach)

(In Purple) 
Dress: 8.50 (Buffalo Exhange - Long Beach)
Earrings: 1.00 (Santee/Los Angeles)
Steve Madden Pumps: 15.00 (Buffalo Exchange - Long Beach)

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