Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Girls Are Back In Town

We're baaaack
And better than ever.

After a years' hiatus, our much anticipated comeback has finally arrived. We aim to bring you only the best in every cents of your extravagant life. As always, we'll come at you with tips to keep your wallet happy and your closet full. In addition, we've expanded our team to cover all aspects of looking and feeling fabulous. 
So stay tuned, we won't disappoint. 

Are you ready?


ROCRphotography said...

Lets go!

Elle Robinson said...

Ladies look gOOOd, KatV I love the hat total reminds me of Deon in Clueless

Recycled Runway said...

hahaha thanks baby!
"that's it! I'm callin yo mama!"

xo, k