Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rebel Without A Cause

Whether your going to school or meeting up with a friend for coffee, the magic word for your everyday wear is comfortable. Rockin' the simple LBD with a flannel and combat boots gives you a grungy, bad ass look, while still looking girly and chic. We also sought out and added affordable leggings, which collaborated an informal, I-just-dgaf kind of get up :)

Photos by: Daniel Yoon

Black Dress: 5.99 (Savers Thrift)
Flannel: 3.99 (Savers Thrift)
Spandex Leggings: 12.99 (Target)
Hat: 11.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Combat Boots: 14.00 (Buffalo Exchange)


...love Maegan said...

swap the leggings for Levi's and I wore this exact outfit in 1992 ...adorable!

drollgirl said...

what a great look!!!!

Rita said...

My favorite!!! I love the first, second-to-last, and last picture soooo much.

All your models seem so at ease with the camera. One of my dreams now is to be a guest photographer for RR one day, hahaha!

Kevin Lee said...

damn. i want those combat boots.

cool leggings, too.

Kevin Lee said...

btw which buffalo do you guys usually hit up?

Recycled Runway said...

We hit up mostly Long Beach and Fullerton!

sometimes LA or Costa Mesa


Hanako66 said...

you look amazing!