Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Paper Cha$er

She's the independent woman; making her own dough and doing her own thing. So why not look just as extravagant as you are? It’s not unprofessional to look chic and stylish. Transform a little black dress into a more polished look by combining it with a button down blouse, tights, and a blazer. By accessorizing the dress with the blazer and blouse you have now converted it into a simple pencil skirt. This look is easy, affordable, and perfect for a day on the job, a crucial interview, or a meeting with a client. There is no excuse not to look just as fresh at work as you do off. So ladies, in the words of RiRi:
"Keep on gettin' that paper, keep on climbin', 
look in the mirror and keep on shinin'."

Photos Courtesy of Daniel Yoon Photography

Blazer: 1.91 (Thrift)
Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Button Down Blouse: 4.99 (Thrift)
Hat: 12.00 (Buffalo Exchange)
Gloves: 1.99 (Savers Thrift)
Heels: 12.00 (Wasteland)
Little Black Dress: 5.99 (Savers Thrift)


teena said...

laaalaalaaoovee the heels. wheres wasteland?

Joseph said...

damnnn send camille my number... hah

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This outfit is to die for! I LOVE IT!

Hanako66 said...

LOVE it!