Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trix Fashions

Our good friend and fellow thrift store junky, Patricia (Trixie) Enconmienda is an up and coming designer ready to show the world what she's got! Throughout our grade school years, she designed and created fabulous pieces for countless dances, debuts, and other events. She was also chosen as a "Redesigner" for Savers Thrift stores nationwide! We had a short interview with Trixie and she let us in on all her favorite fashion secrets ;)

RR: Who are your favorite designers?
Trix: Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf, Rick Owen...I like the more alternative, grungy look.

RR: What made you want to become a designer?
Trix: When I was little I liked playing with barbies. I collected Barbie clothes. I liked going to thrift stores when I was little and recreating things.

RR: What's your favorite thrift store find?
Trix: I like collecting crazy dresses. I have this gold snake belt I really like, with a lot of bling on the snake head. It's so cleopatra.

RR: What inspires you?
Trix: People on the street, on the metro, you see a lot of crazy things.

RR: What's your must haves?
Trix: Jeans, Heels, Small Messenger Bag, a black V-neck

RR: What would you label your style?
Trix: My day-to-day style is simple-chic. But when I go out I go crazy, glamorous.

RR: What do you want your line to convey?
Trix: I feel like it's deconstructed; it's an ugly/pretty thing. I like to get that pretty element and make it raw. I'm not going to lie some of the stuff I design is pretty scandalous.

RR: How do your parents feel about you being a young designer?
Trix: They're very supportive. They know I have a passion for it, so they're okay with it. My mom was an art major so it's sort of expected.

RR: Do you want to stay based in California or move to New York?
Trix: It's crucial to be in New York, and I want to travel the world but I think L.A. is still growing and there's a lot to do here. L.A. is looked at as the downside of fashion, but I want to change that image. We can be as sophisticated as New York too, but you better.

Check out this handmade piece and others at her personal link above. Thanks Trixie! :)

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